Supported Backup Applications

ExaGrid supports a wide variety of backup applications, utilities, and database dumps. In addition, ExaGrid allows multiple approaches within the same environment. An organization can use one backup application for its physical servers, a different backup application or utility for its virtual environment, and also perform direct Microsoft SQL or Oracle RMAN database dumps – all to the same ExaGrid system. This approach allows customers to use the backup application and utilities of their choosing, use best-of-breed backup applications and utilities, and choose the right backup application and utility for each specific use case.

If you change backup applications in the future, the ExaGrid system will still work, protecting your initial investment.

ExaGrid supports many unique features and interfaces such as improved performance for Veritas Backup Exec GRT, AIR for Veritas NetBackup, OST for Veritas Backup Exec and Veritas NetBackup, the integrated Veeam Data Mover for Veeam, Veeam SOBR support, Oracle RMAN Channels support, and many others.

Many backup applications perform software-based data deduplication. ExaGrid deduplication leverages the backup software and adds additional deduplication to increase the overall ratios, resulting in additional savings in disk and bandwidth.

ExaGrid is the only solution that provides a unique landing zone that maintains full copies of the most recent backups from all backup applications, utilities, and direct database dumps so that restores, recoveries, and tape copies are as fast as reading from disk.