ExaGrid offers a series of various-sized backup storage appliance models that can be mixed and matched in a scale-out hyper-converged secondary storage for backup system.
Any size or age appliance can co-exist in the same system and can scale from a 3TB full backup to a 2PB full backup in a single system. The system is flexible since the proper size appliances can be added as data grows. This eliminates the need for up-front planning and allows customers to expand the ExaGrid system as their data grows.
The unique landing zone allows for the fastest backups and the fastest restores, recoveries, and tape copies.
The unique scale-out approach, which includes full appliances in a scale-out, hyper-converged system is the only solution that provides a fixed-length backup window regardless of data growth, negating the need for expensive forklift upgrades.
The ExaGrid system allows for replication to a second site for disaster recovery as well as the ability to allow multiple data centers to cross-protect between each other.
The ExaGrid approach allows you to simply pay as you grow by adding the appropriate sized appliances as data volumes increase. Any size appliance or any age appliance can be mixed and matched in a single system, which allows IT departments to buy compute and capacity as they need it. This evergreen approach also eliminates product obsolescence.

All appliances are managed by a single user interface.



ExaGrid Appliances in a Scale-out System
32 Appliances in a Single System – 2PB Full Backup


* Scales to 32 appliances in a scale-out hyper-converged system (2PB full backup / 432TB/hr.)