Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions
The terms of  Nederland-ICT, the sector organization, apply . Terms are available in Dutch and English and can be downloaded from Sertho's website.
For software program’s the terms & conditions of the supplier, as outlined below, apply.
All prices are in Euro’s and are exclusive VAT, local taxes etc.
In general payments should be made within 14 days (net) unless otherwise agreed.
Important information with respect to the usage of the different Metalogix Archive Manager products
with Optical jukeboxes: when MAM products will be used in combination with optical jukeboxes, additional jukebox drivers will be needed: these are not included in the MAM products.
Metalogix Archiving solutions use MS Express ( please mind the limitations), MS SQL or Oracle databases: these are NOT included.
Software products can be obtained by download from the respective manufacturer’s web-portal unless otherwise indicated. Documentation is only available in electronic format.
After placement of an purchase order, client will receive a temporary license key (of 30 days maximum)  that can be used when installing the software. When payment is received the final (unlimited) license key will be supplied.
A software update contract is always required to qualify for upgrades and support. Software Update prices are not included in the license fees. The manufacturers continuously improve and  develop their products further . Updates are available on the Internet-portal of the manufacturer.
Included in Software Updates is:
• releases for the purchased software
• fixes when needed and available
• general product information
• documentation updates
• new OS support when available
A software update contract will not be renewed automatically. App. 3 months for the expire date you will be contacted for renewal.
General terms & conditions
The information outlined here, is made to the best of our knowledge. However we can’t give guarantees  for completeness, accuracy, availability and suitability of all information for each specific target. We reserve the right to change prices and to not sell a specific item due to a mistake in the price-fixing.
Furthermore we want clearly point out that Sertho will not accept accountability for any damage to equipment and data before, during and after installation of services, equipment and software delivered by Sertho. 
Terms & conditions of  Nederland-ICT ( the sector-organization ) as outlined before, apply when Sertho’s conditions do not foresee in specific situations.
Nederland-ICT terms & conditions can be found in attached pdf’s and can be downloaded.

- Offers are without engagement.
- Validity of an offer is 14 days unless outlined otherwise.

Payment terms

- Sertho employs 14 days payment term.
- Please indicate always Invoice-number and Debtor-number with a payment.
- For software products payment must be done completely before the unlimited license key can be supplied. 
-  Maintenance fees must have been paid before starting date of the service period