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Tarmin GridBank Deployment
GridBank Server Grid

The GridBank platform is deployed around a central GridBank Server Grid. The GridBank Server Grid consists of at least
one GridBank Controller node which manages the GridBank services and processes, alongside an array of GridBank
Processors which automatically take on the role of GridBank Controller in the event of an outage. The GridBank Server
Grid ingests data from Application Servers including Exchange, SharePoint, Big Data Applications, Cloud Storage and
File Servers, as well as from client devices, if necessary.
Deployment Diagram
GridBank Storage Virtual Pools and Clouds
The data is stored by the GridBank Server Grid in the GridBank Storage Virtual Pools and Clouds, allowing connectivity
to an array of heterogeneous storage hardware, including SAN, NAS and Cloud Storage. The data can be accessed
transparently by Outlook Clients, through Outlook Web Access, through Smart Devices such as iPhone or Android,
through GridBank Online or using GridBank local to cloud synchronization offline agents.
GridBank Management Tools
Finally, the GridBank Management Console enables administrators to configure policies, the GridBank Big Data Manager
offers reporting and dashboarding to deliver insights and understanding, the GridBank Discovery Manager provides
access to e-Discovery functionality through federated search and the GridBank Audit Manager offers a single view of
all audit trails.