Over 25 years of Enterprise Data Storage Expertise

Infortrend Technology is a pure-play Enterprise Data Storage solution provider with 25 years of history and a public listed
company (TWSE: 2495) in Taiwan since 2002. In order to deliver the highest quality products and services, Infortrend
integrated product development, design, manufacturing, technical consulting/support to deliver a comprehensive solution
to our customers and successfully deployed more than 600,000 redundant rack-mounted systems worldwide.

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Infortrend offers wide-ranging storage products from SAN, NAS, to Unified, and to customers from SMB to Large Enterprise.
Our product portfolios are-

Infortrend offers large selections of form factor choices from 2.5” small form factor (SFF): 2U24/2U25 to 3.5” large form
factor (LFF): 2U12/3U16/4U24/4U60 and desktop 5/8 bay as well as rich host interface choices such as FC 16Gb/s,
FC 8Gb/s, iSCSI 40Gb/s, iSCSI 25Gb/s, iSCSI 10Gb/s, iSCSI 1Gb/s, InfiniBand 56Gb/s and SAS 12Gb/s.

Infortrend is an industry price performance leader ranked by Storage Performance Council (SPC). Our EonStor DS 3024B
ranked #1 IOPS per dollar in 2015 and EonStor DS 4024B ranked #1 MB per dollar in 2017.
Infortrend is also recognized by Gartner Magic Quadrant in General Purpose Disk Array category since 2010.