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                                  CloudNAS 3-in-1 File Services


File Server for Cloud Era                                Multi-Office Sync                                            Modern Backup & DR
Storage Consolidation                                           Built for Growth                                                      File System Visibility
Unlimited file server for primary                     Morro Global File System syncs across              Besides automatic offsite backup, files
and backup data with deduplication,               sites. Deploy CacheDrive at new site in             are always visible on CacheDrive for fast 
compression, and encryption.                         minutes to scale and manage from cloud.         retrieval.No need for complicated recovery
NAS Performance for Cloud Data                        Secure Collaboration                                                Age-out Versioning
CacheDrive keeps most recently used             Share files across multi-sites as if on the           Unlimited file versions or 10 versions daily
files on-premises to accelerate access             same secure network, with encryption,             1 per day for 10 days, 1 per week for
and minimize Internet traffic when                  location-aware access permissions,                  10/200 weeks.
sharing files.                                                 and ACL-based web access.
Enterprise Control                                                Simple IT                                                                   Fast Disaster Recovery

Active Directory, Office 365 Azure AD,            Add CacheDrive at each site in minutes             Failover in minutes by downloading the
Audit for access records.                               and manage from cloud. No VPN needed.          metadata of complete file system from                                                                                                                                                                    cloud to the replacement CacheDrive.

Cache & Sync Technology Brings the Cloud Closer to You… 

Global File Access at Gigabit Speed                                                                         

See how a CacheDrive brings the cloud closer to you
With Morro Cache & Sync, users can access files in the cloud with the same speed as if they were using a NAS or File Server with up to 10GbE LAN.
The Morro CacheDrive File Server intelligently downloads files only once and only when accessed. Once in the local cache, files are shared by all users,
saving on download traffic and costly bandwidth. New files are Synced to the cloud and across offices with File Locks for real-time collaboration.