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Morro Data Story

Morro Data was founded by Paul Tien, who is one of the original visionaries for simple, high capacity, redundant storage for large
and small enterprises. A decade ago Tien launched ReadyNAS, which was later acquired by NETGEAR and became the number
one selling NAS.
Now the explosive growth of unstructured file data has exceeded the limits of traditional storage solutions. Collaboration has also
become much more important and IT Managers are pressed to do more with less. Cloud brings many benefits. A next generation
NAS 2.0 solution is required.

By offering a hybrid cloud architecture with caching gateway and a global file system, Morro Data CloudNAS modernizes enterprise
storage to sync, lock, and protect office documents and design files with a cloud-first approach while continuing to present the
fast, secure, and familiar NAS interface to users.

The Best of Both Worlds

CloudNAS combines the local Gigabit performance of a NAS with the reliability, scalability and accessibility of the cloud for
businesses that require a cloud first solution for their data needs.

CloudNAS 3-in-1 global file services for quickly and efficiently managing consolidated unlimited file storage, multiple office collaboration, and instant disaster recovery.