contentAccess SharePoint Archive                                   

Archiving documents, list items, libraries and sites from MS SharePoint 2013, 2016 and Office 365.


MS SharePoint has become the leading platform for storing and managing company documents in the last years. Some companies choose an
on premise installation of a MS SharePoint server farm, some others decide for the Office 365 cloud and keep their documents in SharePoint Online.

Creating a safe and easily accessible archive of the MS SharePoint content is getting more and more important. There are many reasons for
archiving SharePoint items. First of all, there is security. Knowing that whatever happens – if data is deleted by hardware failure, accidentally
or by a user –, there is always an archive from which the information can be recovered can spare you a lot of sleepless nights. Another common
reason is to keep only the timeliest and most actual data stored in SharePoint Online. Why should you extend your environment with
expensive storage and have problems with staying within the quota if you can move the documents which haven’t been touched for months into
a much cheaper storage?

With contentACCESS you can build a single, secure, and well-structured archive, which is common to all of your data sources. You can save
a lot of space by creating shortcuts pointing to the archived documents, enlighten the live systems and shorten back-up times. Your company
will be enriched with new possibilities for accessing your data, in these modern times web access and mobile views are a great help in everyday

Archive, replicate and encrypt to ensure safety 

Prevent your sites from growing indefinitely

Set up automated rules and spare space

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