contentAccess Email Archive                                   

Archiving emails from MS Exchange, Office 365 and other mail servers.


Using a data-archiving software has never been as important as it is nowadays. More and more data is created, the regulations by law
are more and more strict. The requirements on a good archiving solution have been changed over the past few years. Archiving is not
only about keeping data for a certain time, but also about building a bridge between the various company IT-systems. Providing non-stop
unified access to the documents, emails and other data using browsers and mobile applications is a common need.
With contentACCESS you can build a single, secure, and well-structured archive, which is common to all of your data sources. You can
save a lot of space by creating shortcuts pointing to the archived documents, enlighten the live systems and shorten back-up times.
Your company will be enriched with new possibilities for accessing your data, in these modern times web access and mobile views are
a great help in everyday business.

Be safe- Archive, replicate and encrypt to ensure safety 
Make it Smart- 
Set up automated rules and spare space 
Get Connected- Mobile app and web access, MS Outlook integration 

What's New?

Check out the features of the latest version.
We have greatly enhanced contentACCESS, our flagship archiving product with a variety of new plugins and cutting-edge features.

  • Clustering: Create a distributed environment of more contentACCESS server and run the jobs on a specific or any available node. You can install the full contentACCESS including Central Administration on one node and just the contentACCESS server part on another nodes to achieve the best parallelism for running jobs. The administrator can decide whether a job will be assigned to a specific node, or the available nodes will process it based on a load-balanced or first-win strategy.
  • Mobile, web and OWA access: Everybody wants to access the company documents regardless of whether they sit in the office or are on business trips. Employees need to be able to search and view company documents on their mobile devices. This is all possible with contentACCESS.
  • Connection to legacy archive systems: The biggest challenge when deploying a new archive solution is keeping access to the old data residing in the legacy archive systems. We provide multiple ways of achieving this. With contentGATE the data can be migrated into contentACCESS and the legacy archive can be shut down. If you would like to have immediate access to the old data without migration – no problem, TECH-ARROW has connectors enabling a direct view into the legacy data stores.