Companies with archives often struggle with several questions regarding new technologies, online products, requirements of their users:
·         Am I happy with our archive system?
·         How will I move all the archived data to the new system?
·         How much data would I like to migrate?
·         How can I move my data into Office 365?
·         How long will be my obsolete archive supported?

One of the biggest problem for these companies is a need to change the existing but old and obsolete solution with a new one from a
different vendor, no matter whether this is an email archive system, ECM/DMS or messaging system.
contentGATE is a product that allows the migration of your content from one system to another. Its main focus is legacy email archive
systems, like IXOS / Opentext, Enterprise Vault, Zantaz, Mimosa and EMC and email servers. The tool combines user-friendliness and
easy handling with rich functionality, helping you to handle complex migration scenarios.

Full Control- Have an overview of everything what happens during the migration
Freedom of Choice- Choose whether you want to migrate all data or just a subset
Minimize Downtime-
 No need to restrict access during the migration
Direct Connection- Maintain a direct connection to source and target archive 
Scalable- Advanced configuration and resource allocation


TECH-ARROW’s widely approved migration product manages data transfer between more than 25 systems. Migrate between
Exchange servers, different DMS, archive systems like Enterprise Vault, Mimosa, EMC and much more! Check out how!