Easy file handling between Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, Dropbox, Perceptive Workplace and more…

Most customers are working with emails, documents, different DMS, and cloud solutions on daily basis.
Usually, for all these heterogeneous systems, they need to have multiple applications open. The collaboration between
these applications is very complicated if not impossible. It is also time consuming – everybody wants to handle files easy
to save time and money. Just imagine how you copy an attachment from an email into a SharePoint library. Download
the file locally, open a web browser, navigate to the site and library, upload the document, and then fill in the metadata.
What if you could do all this with a simple move of your mouse?

Connect to essential company IT systems
Drag&Drop – copy files with a single click
Classify MS SharePoint content types and much more
Save up to 40% of your time by simplifying frequent tasks
Use officeGATE for Free: No extra costs

The right answer to these needs is officeGATE. With this cool add-in for MS Outlook 2010/2013/2016, you can handle your files,
attachments, and emails in your mailbox, without further need to open any other application. Directly in Outlook, you have
access to your local or cloud folders; you can copy files by a simple drag&drop. And that’s not all!