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                                                                                       Company Overview

TECH-ARROW has built a significant presence in the enterprise IT segment in the last few years. The product portfolio of next generation
information management, archiving, processing, and migration products have won the trust of hundreds of customers around the globe,
coming from different industry sectors, many listed on Fortune 500. Headquartered in Bratislava, with offices in the US, Germany and
Hong Kong, we have built a strong and loyal customer base supporting thousands of users worldwide, and our offerings are available
all around the globe-both directly and through business partners. How were we able to that in short time period?
The core team of the company is built from IT professionals working together over a decade in a friendly atmosphere, all being experts
in the world of information management and archiving, such as emails, files and documents. Our new products, contentACCESS
– information management and archive, contentGATE – data migration and officeGATE – productivity and effectivity for Outlook
are focusing on O365, Exchange, Windows server, SharePoint and other third party sources are, in some aspects already ahead
the competition. We have also managed to create the first and only unified information management platform
running on MS Azure with a tight integration with O365. TECH-ARROW aims to help you reach your targets by using the latest technology
and analytical expertise.

Email and File Archiving   -   Data Migration   -   MS Oulook tools
               ContentACCESS                          ContentGATE                     OfficeGATE

The Future is now. Move to the Cloud with Tech-ARROW   

● contentGATE
contentGATE is a product that allows the migration of your archived content from one system to another. Its main focus is legacy email
archive systems, like IXOS / Opentext, Enterprise Vault, Zantaz and EMC and email servers. The tool combines user-friendly, easy handling
with rich functionality, helping you to handle complex scenarios of migration, consolidation and optimization.
● contentACCESS for Exchange, Files and SharePoint cloud and on premise 
  Upgrade tot the next generation of email archiving                                                                                               
                                                                                                Manage GDPR Compliance with contentACCESS
contentACCESS is a modular framework which is primarily designed for processing emails, files, documents and objects from MS Exchange,
MS SharePoint, MS Windows file servers or Office 365. The processed elements can be stored in various 3rd party archive or storage systems
on premise as well as on cloud. contentACCESS provides a simple way of just implementing the actual processing task and writing to an
archive system of your choice. It also provides methods for accessing stored content regardless of the target, providing unified access
● officeGATE
officeGATE is an easy tool to handle files from- or into emails. Outlook versus your file locations.                                                                                      
                                                                                     Collaboration and productivity

● contentACCESS Mobile
accessGATE Mobile is a mobile content access application enhancing your Document Management and Electronic Content Management Systems.
It can be used as extension to accessGATE or a stand-alone solution providing mobile access to your company. Have your data available
anytime, anywhere