Information Archiving & Storage Management
Reduce the size of expensive databases by up to 98%, improve searchability, simplify archiving and slash storage costs.  Juggle the demands of IT, Legal and users and keep everyone happy using our solutions.
Collaboration Platform Performance & Continuity
End-users expect to be able to access their content quickly and easily in the cloud or on-premises. It's not where content resides that makes collaboration effective; it's removing the barriers that hinder access.
SharePoint Security & Information Governance
Today’s collaboration platforms must provide the flexibility of features that users demand and the control and safety that your sensitive content needs. We help you strike the balance whether you are working on-prem or in the cloud.
SharePoint & Office 365 Migrations
If anyone tells you that migrating SharePoint or Office 365 is simple, then they probably haven't seen enough of them or been doing it long enough. We have, and we've seen it all. The good news? They may be complex, but they don't have to be painful.
Migration Planning & Environmental Analysis
There’s more to migration success than just moving content. Knowing your starting point is the best investment you can make. Our solutions slash the time and cost associated with identifying and executing the way forward.