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Tarmin Unlocks the Value of Data with the GridBank Data Defined Storage Platform

Data Defined Storage Pioneers

Tarmin is an innovative startup, bringing the latest in proven technologies to the storage, data and information management market.
Delivering the premier Data Defined Storage solution, Tarmin delivers key benefits to organizations seeking to address the cost of
storing continuously growing data, mitigate escalating business risk and gain value from business critical information.

About Us

  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Controlled Business Risk
  • Real Time Business Agility
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Tarmin’s Data Defined Storage delivers a massively scalable, transparent and unified approach for consistent data retention, search, policy and security across cloud and traditional storage infrastructure. Tarmin delivers its proprietary GridBank Data Management Platform, the industry’s first purpose built data management architecture with a comprehensive data management capability.

What is Data Defined Storage
Data Defined Storage is an emerging category of data management. It takes a data centric approach to storage, focusing on
the unlocking the value of information as an asset and strategic business enabler.

Tarmin Vision

Tarmin's vision delivers the benefits of enterprise class storage systems with the efficiency and flexibility of scale out storage


  • GridBank Data Management Platform                                                       
  • GridBank Enterprise Information Archiving
  • GridBank Path to the Cloud
  • GridBank for Exchange
  • GridBank for SharePoint
  • Tarmin OverDrive Program


  • GridBank Overview
  • GridBank Technology Overview