Solution for Office 365

Office 365 is the integrated set of Microsoft’s solutions that support collaboration. From instant messaging, to e-mail and finally team sites Office 365
is the future of collaboration for every size organization. SharePoint as we know it is a core to the Office 365 capabilities and powers many aspects
of the new features being deployed every month.

Solution for SharePoint

SharePoint has supported team collaboration in one form or another since 2001. It is a unique solution that has grown into an infrastructure
for building customized business processes alongside rich informational intranets. Unlike any other system SharePoint both presents web pages
to the end user and manages 

Solution for Exchange

Email remains the most prolific source of content with 125 billion business emails sent daily. Properly preserving and protecting email becomes
a critical task for administrators, whether to provide users access on the rare occasions they need to access a particular email, or to adhere to the
myriad of preservation requirements of today’s compliance landscape.

Collaboration Platforms

Across every organization content is constantly moving between users, platforms and devices. No one organization will standardize on a single ECM, collaboration, or file sync and share platform. As a result content will always be in motion. Content.ly delivers a single point of control to monitor and manage disparate cloud collaboration platforms.