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Current Challenges
Storage, Backup and Archiving challenge manufacturers continuously resulting in innovative developments.
The exploding amounts of data ask for smart solutions to keep it manageable. Products need to be scalable, cost effective, easy manageable,
reliable and highest performance is a must in the market nowadays. Solutions that meet these specifications are the current winners.
Sertho offers brands with such solutions.
Companies like Infinidat (unified big storage), with fantastic specifications, scales up to multiple Petabytes in a single 19” rack.

Exagrid Systems continues to be the number 1 for Backup to disk with Deduplication for subsequent years now.
The maximum gridsize can add up to 1PBfull Backup.

Tech-Arrow offers contentAccess and officeGate, the latest developments for the Microsoft platform: Handling and
Archiving emails from MS Exchange, O365 and files from Sharepoint and other File systems.
Metalogix offers software modules for migrate, manage and secure collaboration content in the Cloud and on-Premises.

Vytalink offers companies an easy way of protection of their data on mobile devices (laptop, tablet and smartphone),
on remote servers and residential data in public Clouds.

About Sertho
Sertho is a financial independent, privately owned, Value Added Distributor for the Benelux and Germany. Continuously searching for innovative solutions, Sertho obtained a prominent position in the market with products and solutions of leading suppliers.
Our message: fast changing IT environments do force you to adept new technologies and solutions to be ready for new and future challenges.
Sertho helps you to manage the exploding amounts of information in an easy way by offering the latest developments.

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