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Storage Optimization
4 Key Steps to Maximize File Protection and Storage ROI
and streamline high-value Data Migration


Imation Secure Data Discovery is an interactive tool for Windows OS that helps organizations identify their high-value data and determine the most efficient way to store and protect it.
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How to use it you van find in Chapter “Nexsan”
Step 1: Identify High-Value Data
Step 2: Understand Data Growth and Trends
Step 3: Employ Active Archiving
Step 4: Unlock Full ROI Potential

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Ready for the Future
In the arena of Virtualization, Storage, Backup, Archive and Unlock Data some exciting and innovative developments lead to a number of fantastic products that now have become available in the market. The exploding amounts of data ask for smart solutions to keep it manageable. Scalable, cost effective, easy manageable, high performance and reliable are some of the keywords. Now there are solutions with unmatched specifications available and Sertho is glad to have brands in portfolio that offer such solutions.
Companies like Infinidat (unified big storage), Tarmin (unlock unstructured data) and Scale Computing (Datacenter in a box) have made significant steps and are ready for the future.
Nexsan's ultra dense and super efficient systems is a major storage supplier while Assureon with it’s Secure Data Movement Architecture is Nexan’s Archive appliance that combines perfectly with Metalogix’ archiving software. Both can help you to relief your primary systems by offloading static data to an archive.
Exagrid Systems continues to be the number 1 for Backup to disk with Deduplication.
About Sertho
Sertho is a financial independent, privately owned, Value Added Distributor for the Benelux. Continuously searching for innovative solutions, Sertho obtained a prominent position in the market with products and solutions of leading suppliers.
Our message: fast changing IT environments do force you to adept new technologies and solutions for getting ready for the future. Sertho helps you to manage the exploding amounts of information in an easy way by offering the latest developments.

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